Performed a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Analyzed 2 million Logistics Information Warehouse closed work orders for Lean Six Sigma study, at four (4) APS locations and thirty nine (39) DOL locations with major equipment repair missions.

  • Reduces avg. labor hours per inspection from 14.5 to 2.1 (86% reduction) versus current manual process
  • Net savings over 20 yr. life – $2.7B (an average annual savings of $130 million
  • Performed high-level analyzes on maintenance and supply logistical data. Researched reported problem(s) and conducts the necessary planning to propose solutions.
  • Coordinated the problem solving process and ensures that established performance standards and requirements are met. Determined the approach to automate manual processes. Translates requirements of the client into technical specifications.

Recommended software enhancements to Untied States Army Logistics Systems. This system automated current manual process to document the results of technical inspections.

  • Streamlines the inspection/repair documentation process to provide equipment to the soldier faster (improves readiness)
  • Greatly decreases costs – return on investment in less than three years
  • Provides an interface to transfer data from/to the Standard Army Logistics 
Enterprise (SALE)

Team leader for the Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) for a new Army Logistics System

  • Received Interim Authorization To Operate (IATO)
  • Received highest error free rate